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Regarding the Husk Buster I took to Pavones Costa Rica. It was a big hit in a community that husks a lot of coconuts. I gave it to a very independent Tica woman who makes the oil. She had already seen it on line and I wish I could had a picture of the look on her face when I said it was hers. 

It also was on display at a large wedding party. What a treat to bring one to the community!

-Mike K. 

I just received mine today. Excellent I used it and in seconds you can pry it open.Very easy to do Excellent craftsmanship. AND VERY SAFE TO USE.I tried veries tool and this is the number 1 so for easy fast and safe.Machete is to dangerous to use.With this tool anybody can open the brown coconuts with ease. I LOVE IT. 
-Brigitte S.

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